Mario Forever Block Party

Mario is back in this logic puzzle game


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  • Category Puzzle
  • License Free
  • Size 32.41 MB
  • Works under Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME
  • Language English
  • Program by Buziol Games

An unofficial Mario game where you push blocks.

This is a game that has somehow managed to get away with using the Mario image, name and even the music. The creators are clearly going to use the “fair use” argument because they have changed things to a certain degree. For example, they call the character “The Mario” instead of “Mario,” and they have altered the original score by around 15%. They are also giving the game away free, so that they cannot be sued for much money.

What Is Good About Mario Forever?

It is more of a kid’s game. It is not a game for Mario fans or people above the age of around 8 years old. It is a game for children when you push blocks from platforms. The colours are bright and the soundtrack is a jazzy version of the original Mario game music. As an adult or a genuine Mario fan, it is more fun to actually go through the game just to see what is ripped off but different. For example, the first thing you may notice is that Mario’s design is just a little off, or you may notice that the sun doesn’t look like the sun you see in the Mario universe.

It Is Not For Mario Fans

The reason the game is being downloaded as much as it is, is because it has Mario in it and people may mistakenly believe this is an official game. It is not and it is not very similar to a Mario game at all. For example, on the first level, your job is to push three blocks from their perches and into the water below. Later levels are just as easy, where you simply have to move to different platforms and move stacks of blocks by hitting the bottom one and letting the other blocks fall so you can hit them.

Its It A Game Of Logic?

Oddly enough, that is probably the best description for the game because it is more of a puzzle game than it is a platform or side-scrolling game. Be aware that this game has nothing to do with the game “Mario Forever.” It is a game of logic for children. The levels are very easy and will offer no challenge to older people. Some of the sound effects are a little strange sounding, and some of the spoken words sound as if they are being spoken by a Mexican person.


  • Okay for young children to play


  • Poorly put together
  • Offers no challenge for older people
  • A blatant copyright infraction
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